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Written by Rachel Jiang
on March 28, 2018

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Transforming ideas confidently into reality requires more determination and passion rather than skill itself.

This was the core idea behind the Sydney Women Startup Weekend (SWSW); a 54-hour hackathon hosted by UTS on February 16 to 18. The purpose of this fast-paced hackathon was to empower women and encourage their involvement in STEM and startups, learn the basics of founding a startup and launching a successful venture while redefining the conventional perceptions of entrepreneurship.

This year's theme was all about social impact. Participants had the opportunity to come together to work on real-world issues and create a possible solution that had a positive effect on society and contribute to a brighter and more sustainable future.

Over an intense 54 hours, participants put their innovative business ideas to the test. The weekend began with brainstorming, business plan development, prototype creation, and finally, demos and final pitches.

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Our JA Australia CEO, Aaron Ngan was privileged to be counted amongst many accomplished mentors supporting the participants at such an incredible and inspirational event, promoting JA's vision and sharing experience around the core startup concepts around market validation and entrepreneurial mindset. 

“It was extremely encouraging to see participant diversity throughout the weekend and that cultural and age backgrounds were no barrier to innovation. The overwhelming number of empowered women attendees proved how valuable and useful entrepreneurial skills are for success in today’s society, irrespective of what you study or do!”
- Aaron Ngan, JA Australia CEO

The Winners: 
Glue & You envisioned a resource hub to support those who experience domestic violence and abusive relationships to have access to be more informed on their situation and as guidance. 


JA Australia alumni Elisa Lillicrap featured in the Third Place team with their product idea Rekindly. This idea envisioned a way to help conference and large meeting attendees to keep track of significant information during meetings and events in order to achieve their learning goals. The Rekindly team went through multiple product pivots and team member changes before settling on their final idea within the final hours of the competition!

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