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Written by Anthony Abboud
on November 10, 2018


JA Worldwide taking center stage on the education community

Before reading this awesome blog check out this video. It is a prologue to what this blog will cover. 


One major theme of 2019 that everyone is asking is Who is Changing the World?

Representatives from JA Worldwide including JA Americas, JA Asia Pacific and representatives from the United Arab Emirates have participated in the 2018 Global Education and Skills Forum which is the world's most preeminent education event addressing the challenges of education, equity, and employment for everyone. The Global Education and Skills Forum has acted as a major platform for JA Worldwide organisations to participate in a debate and shape new ways for education to transform our world.

The 2018 Global Education and Skills Forum hosted:

  1. 2800 delegates.
  2. 32 Ministers of Education
  3. 153 Countries Represented.





2019 Global Education & Skills Forum

The 2019 Global Education & Skills Forum will take place on the 22nd to the 24th March at Atlantis, the Palm in Dubai-United Arab Emirates. This is a fantastic opportunity for Industry experts to share knowledge and insight during a five track sessions.

What can JA-Australia do?

One question on everyone's mind is when is JA-Australia taking their place on the international stage?  

One major idea that can be put into effect is representatives from JA Australia can represent the company in the next Global Education and Skills Forum. This would be opportune to enhance the company's image and reputation for international recognition.

For the future this would be a fantastic opportunity for representatives from JA Australia to participate to express our ideas and thoughts on how to improve the education system. This would also be a fantastic opportunity to build major rapports with representatives from JA Worldwide to form an international partnerships for future projects.  

This article was first published by JA Europe, JA USA, JA Asia, JA Africa and INJAZ Al-Arab 

By: Anthony Abboud-Voluntary Intern


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