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Written by Calista Kusuma
on May 01, 2018


When students are about to leave high school, the consensus is that they’re feeling both excited and scared for the future. There are so many questions that they need to consider upon finishing their HSC; “what degree are am I going to study? Which career path am I going to take?”. On top of that, they have to obtain the skills to become job ready to gain a competitive edge in the ever-growing job market.

At JA Australia, we want students to enable them to answer these questions and become sought-after employees. One of our primary goals is to provide students with the stepping stones needed to navigate their career goals and grow into successful candidates in their dream career fields.

JA hence launched its Career Success program in partnership with Bloomberg. The program ultimately aims to equip students with the tools and skills necessary to earn and keep jobs in their preferred high-growth industries. It prepares students for the workforce by giving them the skills needed to enable them to mature into in-demand employees, as well as build their professional network and gain a rare insight into the workplace experience by interacting with Bloomberg professionals.


This year’s program consisted of two jam-packed days at the Bloomberg Sydney office on the 19th & 20th of April, comprised of seven sessions for students in years 10 to 12. Each course acted as a stepping stone to career success, teaching students skills such as building their personal brand and communication, while they had the opportunity to be mentored by industry professionals at Bloomberg. The sessions aimed to strengthen students’ job-readiness and help them figure out the careers and priorities that are right for them.

Throughout the two days, students learnt everything they need to gain an advantage in the job market through interactive activities such as role-playing situations, problem-solving simulations and team building challenges. For example, one session saw students engage in mock interviews with Bloomberg professionals, as it is important to both identify in-demand soft skills and communicate them in an interview setting throughout their careers, whether it be an interview for a part-time job at a cafe, or for a full-time graduate position. This particular activity was particularly designed to give students an insight into a recruiters’ mindset through the feedback given to them by Bloomberg volunteers, who acted as both interviewees and coaches.

Thus, the Career Success program is extremely valuable as it recognises this need and teaches students them how to master in-demand skills so that they gain a competitive edge as they seek employment, and giving students an opportunity to determine their future goals and work priorities. The 2018 JA Career Success Program with Bloomberg was designed to do this, and we hope that its participants have gained the skills to succeed in any career path that they choose.

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