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Written by Anthony Abboud
on November 29, 2018


JA Australia building on brilliance.

Top employers look for more than just academic records and transcripts. They look for evidence of experience, interpersonal skills, strengthens employees posses and most importantly why you are the suitable candidate for the job. Students from various schools found that extremely important when they attended JA Australia's Interview Skills Workshop.

On Tuesday 20th of November 2018, JA Australia hosted a successful interview skills workshop with high schools graduates and students in the UTS Startups work space. The workshop was designed as part of a soft skills campaign to provide high school students the opportunity to practice their interview skills and learn how to make a valuable first impression. The students came into the workshop not knowing what to expect, but through a range of different activities all of the students found the workshop extremely beneficial. This ever-changing workshop combined expert advice, killer tips and mock-interviews certainly gave students the confidence and the skills necessary to ace future job interviews.

2018 high school graduate, Joyce Xie shared that the interview skills workshop was "very useful in helping develop skills necessary for understanding the structure and process of interviews and gave good advice in answering questions, being genuine and engaging in answering questions".

But don't just take her word for it! Read and hear these student testimonials about how the interview skills workshop gave these students supreme confidence and preparation for future job interviews.


Student Testimonials

Honestly, I came into the session not really knowing what to expect. I’m happy I was able to come because I learnt a lot of valuable skills that I didn’t really know I needed! Things like how to engage and talk to interviewers and how to answer questions such as “tell me about yourself?” and “how did you overcome a difficult situation?”. This workshop has allowed me to feel more confident when going into an interview.

Hannah 2018-High School Graduate

The best part I reckon was getting feedback on responses to actual interview questions and being able to hear feedback on other responses.

Amelia Bridge 2018-High School Graduate

The interview skills workshop allowed me to learn questions to ask during interviews. It showed me how to prepare for expected questions as I’m likely to get flustered otherwise and learn certain structures to prevent rambling. 

Lizzie Rawnsley 2018-High School Graduate. 

What is Junior Achievement Australia's focus?

Junior Achievement Australia's central focus is to empower the learning capabilities of students allowing them to network with professionals, attain soft skills in demand of employers and most importantly learn about their field of interest. As a strong and growing community we strive to provide students the opportunity to acquire important skills in order to build and maintain relationships in high growth career industries.

By Anthony Abboud

Marketing Intern at JA Australia

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