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Written by Anthony Abboud
on November 10, 2018


Will the JA Community please stand up?

One major initiative JA World Wide organisations are participating in is presenting their Policy Papers to G20 Education Ministers at the upcoming G20 summit held in Buenos Aires Argentina on 30th November-1st December.

Take for example JA Europe. It just so happens representatives from Spain will be participating in the G20 Summit to present their policy paper on how to ensure all children learn basic fundamental skills. 

According to the analysis presented in the published article global youth unemployment remains at 40% within the key demographic of 15-24. The G20 Summit will allow members of the organisation to voice their concerns in an effort to revamp the outdated education system. Furthermore, the summit will allow signatory countries to participate in meetings, conferences and summits to address global issues including unemployment levels and significant mismatches between the skills that employers are hiring for and the skills that young people are learning in traditional schools. 


Image: Members of the G20 Summit Meeting in Hamburg Germany 2017. 


International Level:What can JA Australia do?

Australia is a signatory participant in the G20 group particularly in the international forum for global economic cooperation. To gain recognition on the international stage, members of JA-Australia should collaborate with representatives from JA Worldwide to form an international partnerships and present their own research findings at future international conferences and G20 ministerial meetings.

National Level:

One major project that JA-Australia can undertake within the distant future is presenting our very own Policy Paper to the Minister of Education. This Policy Paper can outline our ideas, solutions to educational barriers for students and most utilize this as a platform to get JA-Australia on the national stage. The benefits of this project will allow the organization to present our ideas to the NSW/Federal government in an attempt to alter the educational system for both teachers and students. 

This article was first published by JA Europe, JA USA, JA Asia, JA Africa and INJAZ Al-Arab. 




JA Australia's legacy has been to assist in educating students from primary, high school and university in core content areas of financial literacy entrepreneurship and work readiness. Together with international JA Worldwide organisations we can present a unified effort to voice our opinions and create a major impact to alter the educational system for future generations.

By: Anthony Abboud


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