JA Australia Programs
JA Australia programs prepare you for employment and entrepreneurship.

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Advanced Content Delivery
JA's unique delivery system provides
 the training, materials, and support 
necessary to bolster the chances for 
student success.

Practical Entrepreneurship
World standard entrepreneurship and design thinking techniques are broken down into practical and applicable modules, ready for you to use to launch your business empire.
Apply the Theory
Go beyond your traditional classroom content and apply what you learn to the real world. Open yourself up to a whole new way of learning.
A Worldwide Legacy
For 100 years the JA Worldwide has inspired entrepreneurship and created pathways for employment around the world.
JA Australia Programs 
  • FedEx Express / JA International Trade Challenge  
  •  JA Company of the Year Program
  •  JA Future Skills Certificate
  •  JA Speed Mentoring
Your Dream Job Does Not Exist. You Must Create It!
"Entrepreneurship" and "Innovation" are words thrown around that we know are important but we still find hard to grasp. Students are expected to take on more and more complex ideas however we are not shown what exact steps to take to tackle these problems of the future effectively. 
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