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"Extra Curricular Programs a Must"

“Not too long ago, sending your child to school was all they needed to set themselves up for the future, but no longer is that enough” says David from KidCampus, a place where parents book extra-curricular activities for their children. 

He says that increasingly, parents are looking for programs and workshops outside of school hours to supplement their child’s learning and development. “We find parents feel that the traditional school system is missing a lot of focus on technology and soft-skills; skills which are shown are most in demand for their children’s future”. 

The market for school holiday and after-school programs has grown massively in the last few years; with providers such as CodingPro and Sports Camps Australia growing from only one or two locations to tens; some even hundreds of different locations across the country. 

While some parents debate whether these holiday workshops are worth the cost, parents are loving the NSW government rebates for extra-curricular activities known as “Creative Kids Vouchers” and “Active Kids Vouchers”, which most activities in NSW accept. Some other states are also now starting to offer programs similar to these, to get kids active and learning. 

If you’re on the lookout for activities that you can use your NSW Creative and Active Kids Vouchers for, check out these top-rated school holiday camps

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